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About Our Company

Grand Success Alliance Sdn Bhd (“GSA”) was formed in January 2010 and began operations almost immediately in the area of merchant acquisition for the credit cards and insurance business. The Management of GSA has wide range of expertise ranging from call centre management, telesales, direct sales, loyalty and membership programmes.


We help developed the following programs for aspiring entrepreneur which can immediately implement in the area of telesales, direct sales, sales management and training, sales processes and re-engineering, product development, packaging of memberships, loyalties programs and etc.



Alvin Lai is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder in Grand Success Alliance Sdn.  Bhd. He has a degree in Bachelor of Business (Accounting).


He has 6 years’ working experience in Finance and 6 years in Sales & Marketing and been running businesses for the last 7 years. He wears many hats, he is a Mentor for Startup, Advisor for Startup companies, Certified Assessor under the Great Britain College Consortium (GBCC), Certified Running Coach, Associate Partner in a licensed Venture Capital Management Firm and also a CEO.


He successful build a Bumiputra Entrepreneur Program to help create job opportunity to aspire entreprenuer. By empowering and knowledge transfer, there are successful Entrepreneurs who achieve the  “Million Dollar Sales” award.


Project Mentoring and Advisor is to help aspiring entrepreneur to have clarity in their business, working together to resolve challenges with them and celebrate their success with them.


As a CEO of the company, his responsible is to overseeing the Company’s business direction and development, agency, financial controls and human resources. Implementation of IT strategy for the group of companies. Enhancing the group’s product benefits through forging strategic alliance with established organizations that have nationwide representation.



2010 till to date holding position of Vice President – Projects and Corporate. Areas of responsibilities are product packaging, strategic planning and management, corporate marketing, financial management, tax planning and human resource.


His experience includes acting as a consultant in a leading oil and gas trader registered with major oil companies in the Asean countries. The products involved are gas oil, fuel oil, bitumen, LPG, crude oil, petroleum coke etc.


Invested in a MLM company promoting nutritional, health and lifestyle products. Areas of involvement – business plans, product packaging, commission structure, system development, procurement etc.


Acknowledged by industry players for Vacation Timesharing products conceptualised, developed and packaged the most innovative timeshare products.


Was a Vice President in Public Listed Company managing the following portfolio, financial and management accounting functions, fast food operations, financial services industries, timesharing etc.

The following are the programs we have successfully built:

1. Call Centre Training Program


“When you smile, your tone actually becomes more positive and friendly ”


Designing the session to achieve the objectives both for the owner and telesales on best practices, technique and telephone etiquette. Role plays by listening activities in contact centre environment to simulate different scenarios in a fun way to accelerate the learning.

2. Loyalty & Membership Training Program

Over the years we have developed loyalty and membership training programs for Budaya Holidays, Budaya Life Care, Life Care, I Care, Wawasan Plan, Warisan Plan, etc memberships. From 2010  till to date, the above products and memberships had reached to more than 100,000 members nationwide.


Due to the large rapid growth and expansion, the company has in early 2011 develop its membership system to increase the company efficiency, productivity and services to our partners and members.

3. Our Business Model and Approach

Since 2010, we have successfully developed a business model and was subsequently adopted by Grand Success Alliance (“GSA”) to spearhead our Growth to a higher level.


This business approach allows our staff and agents to become an entrepreneur based on the means and goals they set for themselves and GSA guides these aspiring entrepreneurs using our time tested formula in marketing which we call “STRATEGIC MARKETING TO SUCCESS“.


We in GSA believe in partnering with energetic and aspiring entrepreneurs using the “WIN WIN” and “STRATEGIC MARKETING TO SUCCESS” formulas for our future and growth. Having this Corporate Philosophy in mind, we have adopted our Business Tagline “PARTNERING FORWARD” with our partners and agents.


To achieve our Corporate Objectives, we are seeking to reach out to professional and experienced agents in our field to promote our exciting products and services both locally and in the region.

Innovative And Affordable Products & Services

We aim to continuously develop innovative and affordable products and services with differentiating features and benefits to ensure our various market target groups acceptance. These products and services developed and in the process of development are catering to various categories based on market fit . Below are some of the benefits which we structured with our products and services for the benefit of our clients and members :-

1. Accidental Life Protection

2. Total Permanent Disability benefits

3. Medical Expenses reimbursement

4. Snatch Theft injury coverage and many more protections

5. Car Breakdown and towing services

6. Attractive rebates and other insurance

7. Holiday Destination over 800 hotels

8. Attractive rates on health screening

Contact Us

Grand Success Alliance Sdn Bhd

Suite 7-11, 11th Floor,

The Boulevard Mid Valley City,  Lingkaran Syed Putra,

59200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact No : 03-22800403

Fax No : 03-22800468